Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

Summer Camp &
International Exchange Program

300 E. Crystal Lake Rd.
Twin Lake, MI 49457

Phone 231-894-1966
Toll Free 800-221-3796
Fax 231-893-5120

Public Radio

300 E. Crystal Lake Rd.
Twin Lake, MI 49457

Phone 231-894-5656
Toll Free 800-889-9258
Fax 231-893-2457


Vice President, Operations & Finance

Heidi Stansell

ext. 238

Vice President, International Program, Broadcasting & Development

Bill McFarlin


Business Manager

James Chick

ext. 251

Camp Director

Adrian Cook

ext. 239

Director of Student Services Jessica Bryant ext. 288
International Staff Director &
Administrative Assistant

Leah Brockman

ext. 201

Executive Secretary, International Program

Sandy Sheroky

ext. 200

Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds

Andy Dagen

ext. 222

Kutschinski Music Library

Kathy Cordo

ext. 204


Registration Contacts



Summer Camp

Sharon Dagen

ext. 209

Summer Camp Scholarships

Terri Thomas

ext. 202

International Exchange Program

Sandy Sheroky

ext. 200

Suzuki Family Camp

Patricia Smith

(517) 349-1230

Adult Summer Camp

Sandy Sheroky

ext. 200

Chamber Music For Fun

Mike Stanley

(313) 719-6336

Stewart Piano Workshop

Fran Stewart

(231) 689-9960





Executive Assistant, Summer Camp

Lisa French

ext. 206



News, Alumni, Sponsorships, and Support

David Bower

ext. 292


Public Radio

General Manager

Paul Boscarino

(231) 894-2616

Station Manager

Steve Albert

ext. 102

Office Manager

Kim DeJonge

ext. 100