Cabin Life

Campers stay in bunk beds in a large, rustic, one room cabin with approximately ten new friends and one cabin counselor. Six cabins form a unit, which is supervised by a Unit Director. Rest room facilities, camp fire rings, picnic tables, clothes lines, recreation equipment, and refuse containers are located within each unit. Cabins are inspected for cleanliness each day by Unit Directors. The cleanest cabin of the unit receives a special honor on their last day at camp!

Your Cabin Counselor
Blue Lake’s counseling staff is comprised primarily of college students majoring in the arts and/or education. Of the 220 staff members, most are upperclassmen, some are graduate students, and many have been Blue Lake campers before. The counseling staff supervise campers throughout the day, including all meals, recreation, free-time, and evening activities. They also assist faculty with class preparation and plan group activities for students. All of our staff members strive 24 hours a day to make each camper’s experience at camp fun, safe, worthwhile, and memorable.

Who Else is Going to Camp?
In any one session at Blue Lake, you’ll be studying the arts along with 1,368 other campers. Students are housed according to age groups, so you will be placed in a cabin and unit with others at your approximate grade level. Blue Lake celebrates the diversity of the arts, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet many others with different interests and talents.

Care Packages
Dozens of bags of mail and parcels arrive daily for campers at Blue Lake. Please allow at least 4 business days for your letter to reach Blue Lake. Mail is delivered to campers on the same day it arrives on camp.