Charitable Lead Trusts

In your estate plan or through a deed of trust, you can set up a charitable lead trust under which an annual income is paid to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp for a specified term of years, with the principal reverting back to you or another designated individual upon the termination of the trust period.  You may choose between two types of payments – either a variable or a fixed income.

A charitable lead trust can substantially reduce the amount of gift and estate taxes because you or your estate can claim a charitable deduction for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp’s charitable interest in the income payments.

Donor Benefits

  • Permits retention and transfer of appreciated property to family members at low cost
  • Reduces the burden of gift taxes or probate and estate taxes on your property
  • May provide a more favorable income tax position depending on the characteristics of the trust
  • Can be extremely useful to implement in a year in which you have an unusually large amount of taxable income and can use a very large current deduction