Housing Options on Camp

Housing is available on the grounds of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. A typical Blue Lake cabin is shown on the lower right.

Single Family,  Self-Contained Cabin

Some cabins have separated rooms, cement floors, bath, beds, electricity furnished, only 50 cabins available

Single Family, Shared Facilities

Six cabins are arranged in a semi-circle around the bath building which has several sinks, stalls and separate showers, one side for men, one for women. Cabins have one large room, 24’ x 24’, wooden floor, 6 double bunks with mattresses; electricity furnished

Shared Cabin, Shared Facilities

Same cabin as single family, shared facilities with more than one family per cabin, usually moms and children

Tent and Trailer Spaces

Niblock Area                                  Available for all sessions
Camping in the woods: Rest room, shower facilities and water nearby, 10-15 min walk to classes. Electricity and picnic table included at RV/ Trailer campsites only.

Lakeview on the Hill                     Available for all sessions
Camping near the lake: Sites for RVs/ Trailers only. Electricity, water, and picnic table at each campsite, rest room, shower facilities nearby, 10 min walk to classes. No tents in this area.

Sousa Field                                    Sessions 2 and 3 only
Camping at the edge of the forest, near the rec field: Rest room, shower facilities, and water nearby, no picnic tables, 10 minute walk to classes. Electricity included at RV/Trailer campsites only.

Teen Cabin                                                  Sessions 2 and 3 only

Students 12 and over may stay in a cabin with a camp counselor.
Special recreational and social activities are planned in addition to regular scheduled music classes.

Off-Camp Housing

A list of motels and campgrounds in the area will be sent upon request.

2014 Dates

SESSION 1 June 11 - 14 Piano Only

SESSION 2 June 15 - 18
                    Piano, Strings, Guitar

SESSION 3 June 19 - 22 Strings Only

Teacher Training Courses
Piano Book 4: June 10-14
Piano Practicum: June 14-18
Guitar Book 1: June 10-18
Violin Book 1: June 14-22
Violin Book 2: June 14-18
Violin Book 3: June 18-22